Building Fund

The St Andrew's Cathedral School Foundation Building Fund provides funding for capital projects and improving school facilities.

Our campus has transformed in recent years with a number of excellent and beneficial building programmes which have developed first class facilities for our students.

Projects supported by the Building Fund include the stunning restoration of historic Chapter house for performances, events, chapel and assemblies; the Sports Centre in St Andrew's House including its strength and conditioning facilities; four new science labs in the Bishop Barry Senior College and additional improvements to the Music Centre.

We are currently part way through our transformative renovation of our iconic Rooftop of St Andrew's House. We are excited by this fabulous reimagination of our most used and much-loved rooftop - if you would like to find out more about this project or donate specifically to support it, please visit our fundraising event page.

Building fund donations go directly to support these projects.

Parents are asked to donate to the Building Fund when they pay their fees with a request of $175 per family per term ($235 for Year 12 with 3 terms).

It is with these tax deductible donations that the school is able to continually update our facilities, ensuring our students have every opportunity to achieve their very best in an environment that is the very best. Every donation, no matter what size, is deeply appreciated.