Dr David I. Smith 'Everyday Christian Teaching'

Date Friday 26 July 2024
8.30am - 3:30pm
LocationChapter House
Cost $75

Join us for an enlightening lecture with Dr. David I. Smith, a distinguished voice in the field of Christian education. Dr. Smith, Professor of Education at Calvin University and Director of the Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning, invites us to reconsider the essence of Christian teaching beyond mere verbal expressions.

In this session, Dr. David I. Smith will delve into the often-overlooked daily routines of teaching—starting and ending classes, assigning homework, pausing for reflection, and structuring learning activities. Rather than focusing solely on overt Christian statements in the classroom, he will explore how Christian principles manifest in these everyday practices. By examining concrete examples and engaging in collegial conversation, participants will discover how Christian values can infuse the very fabric of educational interactions and methodologies.

Dr. David I. Smith's extensive background includes a B.A. in Modern Languages from Oxford University, an M.Phil. in Philosophy of Education/Philosophical Theology from the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, and a Ph.D. in Education specializing in Curriculum Studies from the University of London. His profound insights are reflected in his acclaimed work, including the award-winning book On Christian Teaching (2021).

This event is a unique opportunity for educators at all levels to deepen their understanding of integrating faith with pedagogical practices. Whether you are actively involved in Christian education or simply curious about its implications in teaching, Dr. David I. Smith’s expertise promises to enrich your perspective.

Join us as we explore the profound intersection of faith and education in the classroom—where the ordinary becomes extraordinary through a Christian lens.

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